Sunday, December 7, 2008

Indoor Salad Greens

It may have snowed yesterday, but inside, it's toasty warm and things are still growing. Back in early November or late October (I'm not sure, because I was bad and too lazy to write it down here), I let everything in my window boxes die and replanted. I really only lost my rosemary, which I'll have to replace, and my orange mint, which I never really liked or used. I resowed Arugula (top) and the Rocky Top Lettuce mix (bottom) in these window boxes. I think they could due with a bit of fertilizer, but I'm so lazy about that. I'll probably eat the lettuce in a salad with a sprinkling of tiny arugula leaves, soon.And, I also resowed my basil, which seems to be growing healthily, if slowly. I am day dreaming of some winter pesto... =)


Amber said...

Hi Laura. I am a student journalist at Columbia and I am doing my master's project on vertical farming. I am trying to find people who live in the city and our growing their own food on their rooftops. I would love to meet you and speak with you in depth about your project.

Please contact me at or if you are willing to speak with me about this. I would greatly appreciate it as I am having trouble finding people like you at this point in the year. Thanks!

Amber Sandoval-Griffin

Raul said...

Hi Laura,

I'm a filmmaker in New York whose doing a feature film on nature in the city. I'm doing some research about roof gardens in the city and came across your wonderful blog.

I would love to talk to you about your garden and learn more about your project. Would it be possible to meet with you?

I can be reached by email at

Thanks for any help!

Raul Barcelona, Filmmaker
New York, NY