Saturday, December 6, 2008

September 16th: Filmed for a Documentary: Down to Earth

I'm famous! Or at least, maybe I will be. I know I signed a release that said I'd be credited in the film. I hope I make the cut! Unfortunately I don't have any pics of them filming me, but hopefully when the documentary comes out, I'll get to post some stills.

Soozie Eastman, Scott Shufitt, and a farmer friend of theirs came to visit me and my garden. They asked me questions about why I started my garden, and what the benefits of growing your own food might be. I only wish they had given me their questions in advance so I could have thought of better answers. As it was, I might sound kind of silly on film, and perhaps like I have a slight southern drawl (all 3 of them do, and I have a bad habit of mimicking the people around me).

They filmed me climbing up and down my ladder, climbing out of my roof hatch, fake-tending my garden, eating a tomato right off the plant, and standing proudly in my garden, and outside of my building. Unfortunately, it really was the end of the growing season and a lot of my plants were on their way out for the year. But, it was definitely a fun experience!

They have blogs documenting their documentary here:


adlr said...

We should try to become IMDB friends

Laura said...

Guess the movie's name might change to "Dig in". Not much info yet, but I hope I make it! We can figure out how to be IMDB friends if I do.