Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lots of Fruits to Come!

Check out this watermelon! I dunno if it will survive to adulthood as the other side of it is slightly irregular as if from scalding. I can't think how that happened, as the plants were well watered all week. But, it really has exploded from the tiny fruitling I saw last week.
This Arapaho flower is fast turning into a blackberry! I'm so excited!
This Black Krim Tomato is starting to darken up a tiny bit...
I ate this Bloody Butcher. Yum... Though, I will say, not as good as I remember the Stupice being last year. God those Stupice were wonderful!! The Bloody Butcher isn't as juicy, more meaty and I feel, less flavorful. I suppose it's a matter of preference.
And really, the biggest accomplishment of the week is that I have Hillbilly tomatoes!!! I thought it would never happen. For some reason, that Blossom Drop was hitting the Hillbilly hard. I also noticed that the stamens of the Hillbilly flowers sit lower in the flower than the pistil, so maybe it is hard to get this variety fertilized. But, I noticed 3 tomatoes forming today, so I'm hoping to get something worthy of eating.

Finally, here's the Yellow Squash from last week, grown quite a bit from the tiny seedling. I'm envisioning good stir fry....

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tiny Home Grown Salad

Here are the makings of my tiny home grown salad. Sorry for the dark pics, it was late! First, beets! 3 wonderfully small beets! It took them just around 60 days to be of edible size, but I really neglected them, rarely watering. I didn't really think they'd make roots! But they did, and they were yummy!

Then tomato!! There's a ripe red Bloody Butcher in there...

Then Swiss Chard. I picked a baby plant to thin it out from the larger ones.
All 3 elements washed and prepared for salading!
Bright red water as my beets boil.

No picture of my finished tiny salad because I ate it too fast! But, here's a watermelon fruitling to make up for it: