Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tiny Home Grown Salad

Here are the makings of my tiny home grown salad. Sorry for the dark pics, it was late! First, beets! 3 wonderfully small beets! It took them just around 60 days to be of edible size, but I really neglected them, rarely watering. I didn't really think they'd make roots! But they did, and they were yummy!

Then tomato!! There's a ripe red Bloody Butcher in there...

Then Swiss Chard. I picked a baby plant to thin it out from the larger ones.
All 3 elements washed and prepared for salading!
Bright red water as my beets boil.

No picture of my finished tiny salad because I ate it too fast! But, here's a watermelon fruitling to make up for it:


Anonymous said...

how were tomato yields this year? i had a few on my patio and had some good fruit but many did not make it. also peas i saw you had some how did they do. i'm trying to get a building to let me have a container garden on there roof. they get the tax break and i get the fruit and veg.

Laura said...

My tomato yields were only ok this year. I think it was a combination of factors that affected it. First, I grew 2 varieties that probably shouldn't be grown in such small containers, so they suffered severely from blossom drop. My Bloody Butcher produced decently, but not as well as my stupice and peacevine last year did. I believe my soil is somewhat depleted of nutrients and will be trying to bury fish heads in the buckets before planting next season. You should totally start a container garden, it's a lot of fun! I didn't know there was a tax break! I should do something about that. Thanks for the tip!