Saturday, June 30, 2007

First Harvest! Growing Watermelon & More

Here is my first harvest from my rooftop garden! 5 wonderful Stupice tomatoes. They are the perfect size small tomato, and I think I will just grow these and forgoe the smaller Peacevine cherry tomatoes next year. This sandwich is for CJ, but the bite of tomato I had was reaaaaally good.And, remember that baby watermelon I had last week? Well, it just about exploded!
The plants are just growing like crazy so I ended up moving them from their present location and finally hooked them up to the irrigation system. Now they can get water witthout me going up there every day.

In other news, my strawberries finally look like they're going strong. This one even has a runner, which will root and turn into a new plant for next year.And, I've got salad!
Rocky Top Lettuce mix:

Bulls Blood Beets:Rainbow Swiss Chard:New Zealand Spinach:

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Mouth Watering Red Tomatoes and More...

Having neglected my garden for a few days, I was wonderfully surprised to see that despite a little wilting, things have gone on to flourish without my care. Right now all I can think about is eating these gorgeous red globes, Stupice Tomatoes:
Also ripening are my small cherry variety Peacevine Tomatoes:
Not to be left out of the party, there are baby watermelons just like this, popping up all over my plants.
To think they all came from these pretty yellow flowers:
Lastly, my Rocky Top Lettuce mix has sprouted. It might be too late to get edible lettuce, as hot weather makes it bitter, but I figured I'd try.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Plant Love!

Male(left) and female(right) watermelon flower buds. SOMEBODY looks happy to... be growing... But, girl watermelon has some hairy legs. Might be a turn off =P

Anyway, check out the tiny watermelon ovary on the female bud. It has tiny watermelon stripes! One day, it's going to turn into a juicy, dripping, red melon that begs to be eaten. Is this plant porn?!?!

Here are the watermelon plants today. They grow so fast!
And in other news, the tiniest blush of red on my ripening tomatoes. Check out the tomato in the lower right.
Here are my lilies that are being munched on by pigeons. Grrr!! Who wants to be my human scare crow....?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Time Flies! Plants Grow!

Well it's been over a month since my last post, and there have been some changes on the roof garden. It's actually... starting to look green! =)

This is what it looked like on May 23rd:
This is what it looks like now. The original drip system wasn't working very well because the supply line was the same width as the feeder tubes. So, I got some wider tubing and set it up. Now I just have to fix some leaks at the 2 ends of the supply tubing and then fine tune the amount of drip that I want coming out of each feeder.
Some of my strawberries died, so I grouped the living ones together and transplanted my flowers to the window boxes (That's actually my neighbor's window):
Here's how big my watermelons have grown. I decided to move them to the front of the roof so that they'd have more room to spread out as they grow:
And my tomatoes have grown a lot too!