Saturday, June 30, 2007

First Harvest! Growing Watermelon & More

Here is my first harvest from my rooftop garden! 5 wonderful Stupice tomatoes. They are the perfect size small tomato, and I think I will just grow these and forgoe the smaller Peacevine cherry tomatoes next year. This sandwich is for CJ, but the bite of tomato I had was reaaaaally good.And, remember that baby watermelon I had last week? Well, it just about exploded!
The plants are just growing like crazy so I ended up moving them from their present location and finally hooked them up to the irrigation system. Now they can get water witthout me going up there every day.

In other news, my strawberries finally look like they're going strong. This one even has a runner, which will root and turn into a new plant for next year.And, I've got salad!
Rocky Top Lettuce mix:

Bulls Blood Beets:Rainbow Swiss Chard:New Zealand Spinach:


ew said...

laura hi

I have a nyc rooftop garden blog that I started a couple of days ago

as you can see I am experimenting with type colors


I have picked some zucchini and string beans, peas but our tomatoes including some stupice are still green -

I'll have to figure out how to link to your blog


ew said...

Laura hi, no not using a worm bin, christine from the lower east side ecology center is actually holding one for us, that she did not want, but she's been swamped -- but we've go two of those black plastic bins that we got at the composting give back, we actually have a third one as well that we've yet to construct.

I am growing cosmos, I planted a whole row - but the birds ate 4 or 5 seedlings, so I only have 4 blooming plants. They are planted with nasturtiums that were overrun with some kind of tiny black bugs that I just sprayed with safer soap (a little detergent with water) and I hope the nasturtiums revive.

This is really my 3rd year of planting, the first year we just had a couple of patio tomatos that someone gave us

and last year I planted but got started too late and my partner bought the seeds kind of indiscriminently - not be carefult that they were seeds that would thrive in containers.

This year I tried to pick carefully, we'll see how it goes.

I am in Soho, on grand off west broadway,
and you?