Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Plant Love!

Male(left) and female(right) watermelon flower buds. SOMEBODY looks happy to... be growing... But, girl watermelon has some hairy legs. Might be a turn off =P

Anyway, check out the tiny watermelon ovary on the female bud. It has tiny watermelon stripes! One day, it's going to turn into a juicy, dripping, red melon that begs to be eaten. Is this plant porn?!?!

Here are the watermelon plants today. They grow so fast!
And in other news, the tiniest blush of red on my ripening tomatoes. Check out the tomato in the lower right.
Here are my lilies that are being munched on by pigeons. Grrr!! Who wants to be my human scare crow....?

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