Saturday, December 6, 2008

Winter Garden Update: Back to July 18th

Yep, it's December 6th. Yep, it's been a while since I've posted. In fact I missed the whole second half of summer, prime growing and posting season! And yep, I should really be studying for finals instead of procrastinating by updating my out of season garden blog. But, here we are.
Here's a look back on the garden as it was on July 18th. This oriental lily was in full bloom. =)

My Yellow Squash plant was doing fantastically.
This Arapaho Blackberry was developing fruit, though I'm guessing next year I'll have to fertilize and water more (I know, I'm always saying that about everything).

This watermelon was looking small and yummy, and the Rainbow Chard was doing well.

The Bloody Butcher tomatoes were doing decently, though smaller than I expected. Again, need more fertilizer and water.

The Black Krim tomatoes were really getting some color, and clearly a different color from normal red tomatoes.

The Hillbilly tomatoes were sad though. The plant must have been suffering from nutrient deficiency and the fruit were suffering from blossom end rot. I thought the plant had gotten over it's blossom drop last week, but looks like things just changed in a not-much-better direction.

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