Saturday, December 6, 2008

Winter Garden Update: Back to September 19th

Man, even in my backlog posts, I have to explain my delays between posts! The reason I have no real garden news between July 25th and September 19th, aside from laziness, is that I was traveling from August 14th - September 2nd. Ok, sure, that only covers half of the time I didn't post.... What can I say, life happens!
Back on September 19th, things were starting to wind down in the garden. Happily though, the garden takes care of itself when I'm away, and I found some nicely ripe Hillbilly tomatoes! Success at last!

Also, even though the plant itself was dead and dry, a large Yellow Squash was hanging out in its bucket. These squash are typically harvested and eaten much sooner, so that their skin is soft like a zucchini's. This squash's skin was very hard, like other types of squash you see at the market in the fall. I decided to try eating it anyway, by cutting it into chunks with my butcher knife and baking it with apples, flour, butter and cinnamon. It was pretty yummy! Just couldn't eat the skin itself.
Here's my harvest, from left to right: Yellow Squash, Black Krim tomato, 2 Hillbilly tomatoes, and the last Bloody Butcher tomato of the season.
A closeup of the Black Krim, which I would vote as the tastiest of my 3 varieties this year. It had a saltier and richer taste than the others.
A closeup of the Hillbilly, which was really just beautiful. I wish I had pictures of these sliced open, because they were beautiful inside too! I let a friend sample these, and she said she liked the Hillbilly the best. I guess it's just personal preference.

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