Sunday, April 27, 2008

Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries Oh My!

A lot has happened in my garden lately, most notably the addition of 2 blueberry, 2 raspberry, and 2 blackberry plants!! Also, I've almost given up on growing anything in flats this year. It's only April, and things are dying from drought. Unless my New Zealand Spinach grows, I'm putting my flats away until next year. Anyway, here's a rundown, with pics.
Strange looking shoots from my Loch Ness Blackberry.
Pretty green leaves on my Arapaho Blackberry. The raspberries were just big sticks with roots, so they didn't really warrant their own picture. You can see each in the background, Tulameen and Summit.
My blueberry plants, Briteblue, Northsky, and Chippewa. Unfortunately, the birds have gotten to the Briteblue even before it made fruit! All it's leaves are eaten =( I hope it comes back...
The strawberries have tiny green berries now! I'm excited for when they turn red =)
The tomatoes have all been planted properly, and won't be moved for the remainder of the season. I hope they grow big and strong!
Girlish pinkish-purple flowers about to bloom on my chives! The flowers can be eaten in salads or used to color and flavor vinegar. They didn't have flowers last year.
Here's all the chives, count the buds!
Some short pots of lettuce (upper left), arugula (lower left), and spinach (lower right) I'm growing. Arugula seems much easier to grow than lettuce... I harvested the arugula and lettuce growing in my indoor window boxes. The arugula was SPICY!
Finally, an update on the flower boxes. I planted some lavendar, maiden pinks, and white creeping phlox among the lilies. Nothing yet between the hyacinths, but i'm hoping to add a sedum or something.


Andrew said...

wow I want to eat some chives now. Too bad about the blueberries; I hope you get some fruit. Lately in Cali we've had tons of strawberries.

See you later,

R.Dress said...

Looking good. Your plants must be enjoying this rain fall today. Hey I have a couple off questions,,,

1. Where does the hose come from?
2. Did you purchase the berry plants or did you grow them from seeds?



Laura said...

Andrew, =( the strawberries here lately have tasted like a mix between gross and chemicals. Makes me sad! Strawberries used to taste good! I hope when mine grow they'll taste good. No chemicals!

R, I got my garden hose at Ace Hardware. I leave it dangling from the roof to my window. Not the neatest arrangement, but it does the job. The berry plants were mostly purchased from Raintree Nursery online, not grown from seed. They came a bit late, but seem to be in good shape, so I recommend the company =)