Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fruit Flowers!

Things are growing along in my buckets. I potted up my tomato seedlings and have them under clotches. I removed the clotches from my pea plants, but it seems they are suffering from a little scalding because of it... Oh well!

The real news is that my strawberries have flowers!
And my Briteblue blueberry has a few too. The other 2 blueberry plants I ordered by mail are a bit late in arrival, so I hope this one will still fruit without the additional cross pollination. Just a few berries would be nice =)


R.Dress said...


I'm envious you have a drip feed system on your roof!!! I'm curious to know where the spigot is located. I have to haul up water in buckets when the ones on the roof have depleted. It's a bit tedious but well worth it. I thought about hooking up a brass junction to the spigot located in the basement so that one hose can be used for the front of the building and the other hose can run up the side of the building onto the roof. Any how your garden looks great! Keep up the good work!!!

Robert Dress
Urban Gardener

Laura said...

Hi Robert!

I, like you, have no spigot on the roof. However, I live on the top floor, so I have dropped a garden hose down from the roof to my window. Then, I fill a 5-gallon bucket with water in my apartment and use a motor pump to send the water from the bucket to the roof. I have a "reservoir" (aka rubbermaid plastic thing that's going to fall apart soon) with holes in the bottom to which I attached those clear plastic tubes you see in the pictures. Then I poked holes in the tubes and fitted aquarium air-line valves and tubing to feed each of my buckets.

Do you keep water on your roof?