Monday, April 14, 2008

Pretty Things to Come in Ugly Garden

I can be a little out of my element when it comes to pretty things... But, here's my attempt. I transplanted my hyacinth and lily bulbs to the window boxes and have mail ordered several flowering perennials from Gurneys. Here's to hoping they'll keep on growing and their flower buds won't be chomped by the pigeons this year.
This is the state of the rest of the garden at the moment. Quite a mess. I went to the Bronx Compost Giveback last weekend and mixed up several new buckets to plant in. It's a challenge figuring out how I'll arrange and improve my irrigation system so that all my new pots can get enough water.
Not much is growing in the garden at the moment. My strawberries are just starting to put out new growth, and the flat of beet and chard babies i sowed is still sporting the tiniest of seedlings.

But, here are my leggy indoor tomato seedlings, which I will definitely be "burying up to their necks":
And a Sugar Ann Snap Pea I've been growing under a makeshift clotch outside:

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