Friday, May 2, 2008

Tomato dreaming...

This will one day be my first tomato of the season... Bloody Butcher, proving to be earlier than the others, as described. But, descriptions say ripe in 55 days. I'm never sure what that means. Does it mean 55 days from starting the seeds, or from transplant, or what? If it's from seed start, it better get growing!

Unfortunately, the top to my water reservoir which sits right next to my tomatoes blew up in the wind and came down on top of my Black Krim plant. It's not dead, but the baby leaves at the top got smushed and I think it will take it a bit to recover and start growing new baby leaves again. =( It's been cool lately, and things are growing slowly, but there are tiny green strawberries all over my plants! I'm sooooo excited.... But I won't be doing much up there until after my finals are done, so I'm signing off for a couple of weeks.

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