Thursday, April 9, 2009

First Rooftop Foray of the Season

The balmy weather and my quickly growing pea starts helped me overcome my laziness and get out on the roof today for the first time this year. And what a nice visit it was! I spent about an hour looking around, cleaning up the dead leaves from the strawberry plants and planting some peas. Just 1 bucket so far. Maybe I'll get the rest in on Sunday. It was just so nice to see that the vast majority of my perennials survived the winter and have high hopes of flourishing this year! Certainly these blueberries are looking spectacular.The strawberries look lush and happy, like every spring.The chives are so strong it looks like they never died over the winter.The flowers are starting to come up again too, though it does appear my experiment with overwintering the bulbs in flower boxes had some casualties. I think my hyacinths just rotted away, as I can find no trace of them. A couple of the lily bulbs may have, as well. We'll see what comes up later. Maybe I'll try my hand at more of these low-growing creeping type perennials. They seem to have been quite successful.


Raisin in the Sun said...

Hi, I am in the process of starting up a rooftop garden and would appreciate any help or advice. Also would be interested in buying some seeds from you. Thanks!

Sarah W said...

Your garden is amazing!

Thanks for posting so many great pictures...think about how awesome it would be if Manhattan became a sea of green rooftop gardens

My co-authors are growing their rooftop garden on the Lower East Side. All I have is a UWS terrace


Laura said...

Thanks, Sarah! NPO posted amazing pics on your blog!!! One day, we should have a manhattan gardener's party. =)

Raisin, if you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

Green Roofs said...

Love your strawberries :)

Laura said...

Thanks, Green Roofs!