Friday, April 6, 2007

New Life!

Today as I was watering my seeds, I very unexpectedly came across brand new life! I am the proud new mother of some cosmos, less than 48 hours in the ground, and at least 1 spinach, less than 4 days. I really didn't expect to see anything, since the seed packets said cosmos take 8-15 days to germinate and New Zealand Spinach "is very slow to germinate, taking 2-3 weeks". And perhaps I am being a little premature, as these are probably just the root tips coming out and I'm sure leaves are far away. Additionally, it seems I might just have planted every single one of my seeds upside down. Still, here is a pic of 2 cosmos coming up in one of the quart buckets:
Very tiny and pale green-white, just breaking out of the seed shell.

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