Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Harvest Irene!

Well, I harvested all of my watermelons, yellow squash, Chimayo peppers and scallions ahead of the hurricane on Saturday morning. I was worried I might lose everything to the wind. This morning, I woke up to an almost sunny day and thought, gee all that fuss was about nothing!
First I tasted a pepper. I took a tiny nibble of the tip and thought, Hmm, that wasn't hot at all. I took a bigger bite and it tasted like a sweet pepper. Then, I took a bigger bite towards the top and was like, Hmm, actually... this is hot. Ha! Still, it was a nice slow burn and I liked it! I'll have to think of something to cook them in.

I knew that the small watermelons weren't quite ripe when I harvested them, but what can you do when a hurricane is bearing down on you. I ate the red parts of this mini guy and it was tasty!
The yellow squash are just a little old, but I skinned one, sliced it very thinly and fried them up to put on a home-made pizza. Mmmmm!! I also stuffed the squash blossom with goat cheese and fried it up in an egg. Mmmm!

I don't know what to do with all those scallions!


Tiffany Larsen said...

Oh, the watermelon is not yet ripe! But it's better than losing these fruits to a hurricane. Anyways, it's a good thing they're somehow fit for eating. That's a simple benefit of having a garden on your roof.. :)

Chimney Sweep Portland said...

Oooh, these are nice vegetations:-)

Laura said...

The larger watermelon was ripe (in fact a bit too ripe), but the parts that were red in the smaller watermelon still tasted good even though it was not entirely ripe!