Thursday, March 17, 2011

Seed Experiment Continued

Well, the last seed experiment definitely failed. After 9 days, not a single seed had sprouted and some were getting moldy. So, I call it a success! Now I can get rid of all of those packets =)
And, here is seed experiment #2, in which we have 2 types of beans that were also from those really old seed packets, but I read that beans and peas stay good for decades, so I had more hope for these. Also here are several chinese vegetable seeds collected by my family over the years, some from our own garden. So, starting from the small dark seeds at 1 o'clock:
1) supposedly Brassica Juncea (chinese mustard greens) which came in some kind of store-bought packet
2) Garden Bean (Burpee Stringless Green Pod, whatever that means)
3) some kind of seed we collected at home, larger than the mustard greens, maybe Gai Lan
4) Blue Lake white-seeded beans (pole, green snap)
5) small seeds we collected at home that look just like the Brassica Juncea, but might be Choy Sum
6) Possibly winter melon seeds that came in a small brown envelope stamped in Chinese. I'll have to check again with my mom to see what it says.

And so, the experiment continues! If some of these sprout, I might have to find a place to plant them! They're all things I would be interested in eating. =)

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