Thursday, June 3, 2010

Welcome Apartment Therapy Readers!!

I've followed Apartment Therapy off and on for a while now, mostly for inspiration on how to redecorate my apartment =) Imagine my shock when I found a comment from a reader who said they found this blog through Apartment Therapy! At first I thought it must be a mistake, but here I am #10 on a top #10 NY Gardening Blogs list! Admittedly, they've chided me for not posting of late... Eek! Duly noted and repentant. I'm quite proud to be the only one listed in Manhattan, though =)
I haven't been on the roof in a while, but that's the plan this weekend. I'm preparing for disaster, though, as it's been quite hot and I haven't watered at all. We'll see what survives and what doesn't! I'll leave you with an update on my tomato seedlings, though. They've been growing happily on my window sill, but desperately need to be planted out! They're already developing flower buds.
Thanks for visiting! Please do come again!


V said...

I love it! Coming over from AT as well... I've added your inspirational gardening posts to my RSS though- keep it up :)

Laura said...

Thanks!! I'm still so happy to have been featured =) I hope you continue to enjoy seeing my garden =)