Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring means back to the weirdest gardening there is

Before getting to the garden part, I thought I'd share just how ODD gardening on a Manhattan rooftop can truly be. I came out of my roof hatch to find 2 full pairs of one-piece booted coveralls, covered in mud, right by the hatch. As if there is a pool of red mud somewhere nearby my building? (definitely NOT). Is there some fishing stream I just never knew about? Perhaps they came from a portal to another dimension... my roof has a wormhole!!! Or maybe New Yorkers are just plain freaky.
There isn't a ton going on in the garden, but that's to be expected. The blueberries are covered in flowers, but with my blueberry luck, I won't get a single berry. I think the problem last year was poor pollination due to inadequate pollinators in early spring.
The window boxes have really come into their own, though it's hard to tell here. But, almost every inch of soil is grown over with something I planted on purpose! There are lots of low growing, creeping ground covers that should flower throughout the spring and summer. A lot of my lavendar plants didn't make it, but the 2 that did look strong and I'll try dividing them at some point.
Next to some creeping phlox, this little low-grower will soon send little 6" stalks into the air, topped with small pink flower balls.
The branch of juniper I chopped from my mom's plant and abused heartily before planting seems to have made it. There are a bunch of brown parts, but these are definitely new buds of growth.
More to come as the season goes on. I'm already behind schedules compared to the last time I planted tomatoes! Being a lawyer makes me a lousier gardener, but I'll keep trying.

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