Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm Featured on AOL's Garden Site!

Several weeks ago, the woman who manages the AOL Garden site left a comment asking to work with me on a feature for their site. Of course, I'm always thrilled to get any press I can, so after e-mailing back and forth, we put together a list of tips for urban veggie gardeners!Check out the full article here: An Urban Veggie Garden. And, Welcome to any new readers from AOL!


Anonymous said...


I am a Los Angeles based photojournalist (web site link below), and I have been commissioned to shoot a feature on rooftop farming in NY by a French publication, VSD Magazine ( VSD is one of France's oldest and largest weekly.

As you may know, France has maintained a nostalgic view of farmers (for ex. a large majority of French people want "paysans" to be subsidized if needed, in order to maintain food production but also a certain romantic image of the countryside) as the country is becoming more urban. There is also a strong "slow food", organic, local produced food movement. So we think that our readers will have great interest in urban farming, and more specifically rooftop farming, in New York, one of the world's most dense and urban city.

I am interested in what your company does. I am looking for chefs growing food for their restaurants on rooftop farms, and building dwellers growing food on rooftops for their own usage; any info on this would be greatly appreciated!

I look forward to hearing from you.


Gilles Mingason | Photographer VSD Magazine

Cell 323 702 3764

Laura said...

Hi Gilles,

Thanks for stopping by! As it so happens, I am traveling to france for 4 weeks in August. I'm quite interested in the article you're working on!

As for what I do, at the moment I am simply a building dweller growing food on my roof for my own consumption. But I try to share what I have learned and my progress with anyone who is interested. If you have more specific questions, please e-mail me at nycroofgardenproject at gmail dot com. Or, I may call you later today, as you have left your number.

Thanks again!