Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rainy days

It's been raining a LOT the past week, and is supposed to rain again for the next couple of days. I took the dry spell today to check out the garden and sow some seeds. Recently, I placed an on-line seed order with Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. I replaced some staples I had run out of and got a few new varieties to try. Here's what came in the mail:

Rocky Top Lettuce Mix
Flamingo Pink Chard
Canary Yellow Chard
Golden Beet
Early Wonder Beet
Black Beauty Zucchini
Early Prolific Straightneck Squash (Yellow)
China Rose Radish (Free gift!)

Today, I managed to sow some more lettuce since what I'd sown earlier didn't germinate very well. That might have been because it was old seed, or the soil was too dry. That won't be a problem this time around! I also sowed some Golden Beets and Early Wonder Beets. I'm excited to see how they turn out, and I really do need the beets to be early. My goal at the moment is to have a friend over in about 5-6 weeks for a big roof garden salad! =)

Hopefully by then, this strawberry will be big, juicy, and red.
I am not sure when to expect these blackberries to be ripe, but this is the first open flower.
There are many many buds getting ready to open, as well.


adlr said...

this food looks delicious!

Laura said...

Thanks for the encouragement =)

Allison said...

Hey Laura!
I oversee the Garden site at AOL and would love to talk about ways we can work together but I can't seem to locate an email address for you.
Would you mind emailing me at my work address? a (dot) mezzafonte at corp (dot) aol (dot) com
I would love to feature you on our site!

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura, I would love to see more people growing rooftop gardens. I personally don't know too much about growing but I'd like to organize a group to lobby for the city government to start requiring mandates on HOA's and landlords and occupants of the building to participate in growing their own food on top of the building they live in. We need to gain a more sustainable lifestyle and you're demonstrating a perfect start!! Do you know any others that are doing similar?

Laura said...

Hi Anonymous! I can't imagine all landlords and tenants being able to participate in growing food on their roofs, but some might be able to and like to. A more realistic idea, though still a stretch to imagine actually occurring, might be to have people whose dedicated job is to tend such urban farms. They would have access to rooftops throughout the city, as part of such a program. That could be interesting.

Anyway, I unfortunately do not know anybody else who engages in as extensive a rooftop food garden as I do. Have you seen any others?